Nu Soul Shift provides a holistic approach to mental health to help and guide women who want to transition from being a victim of their circumstances which could include being a single mother, rape, physical/emotional abuse, diagnosed with an incurable disease or anything that has caused a blockage in healing.

Change your life!


You can overcome anything once your mind is in the right place.  Rise above negativity to attract positive people and positive situations.  You are what you think.

stop talking

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

-I am living in abundance.

-I am God in a physical body.

-I am spirit in the flesh.

-I am eternal life.

-I am a cosmic being.

-I am All Power.

-I am All Wisdom.

-I am All Intelligence.

-I am perfection.

-I am magnificence.

-I am the creator of my destiny.

-I am eternal youth.

-I am abundant and prosperous in all aspects of my life.

-I am healed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

-I am filled with infinite energy.

-I am receiving every great thing in my life now.

-I am filled with joy.

-I am wealthy.

-I am healthy.

"I am Living Intentionally."

Our Mission

To remove the hidden and presentable energy blocks from women that keep them from fully connecting with their own wisdom, power and purpose through motivation, awareness and mentoring.

Our Vision

To be an International Leader in improving the health and wealth of our community by providing holistic approaches to address the whole being

 (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically).