“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”


Mind Over Matter is a comprehensive lifestyle change plan.  A lifestyle change is necessary in order to preserve and restore your health and avoid illnesses.  The objective of the plan is to provide health support and prevention of disease.  Through strengthening of health education and resources and the reduction of risk factors, Mind Over Matter is appropriate in order to improve health and reverse or halt chronic diseases.  Each plan is adjusted according to the individual risk, protective factors and goals.

Plan Includes:

Self-observation: A lot of things we do is based on how we see ourselves. 

Exercise: Daily exercise, stamina exercise and strength coordination

Nutrition: Healthy eating (what foods causes mucus), fasting and detoxing

Stress Management: Identification of stress factors, relationship building , self-love and self-care techniques, well-being, rational emotional behavior, values and goals

Remedies and Natural substances: Water, plant and herbal remedies, massages, acupressure etc.

Mind Over Matter

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