What is Holistic Coaching

Relationship/Career/Family/Finance​/Health & Wellness​/Spiritual/Time Management/Stress Management


Holistic coaching is being aware of the client’s whole being.This means knowing that the mind, body and spirit work together.


Coaching is not counseling.  Counseling often focuses on resolving issues that are still bringing harm to the person in the present and on working through trials that the person is currently experiencing.


Coaching focuses on the present to establish goals and a vision to redirect a person’s life then offers motivation and accountability to the person as he or she attempts to reach the goals that he or she has set.


Sometimes they overlap because the past influences the present at different degrees.  A person is ready for coaching when they are ready to take responsibility for changing their life’s situation and circumstances.


They have realized that their past whether painful or challenging was an experience of situations and circumstances that they can grow from.

Benefits of Coaching

-Gain clarity

-Become an effective leader for yourself, family and community

-To achieve your health and fitness goals

-To build stable, worthy and fulfilled relationships

-Able to adapt to change

-Start setting goals to take more effective and focused actions

-Learn to stop putting up with toxic people and situations due to realizing your priorities

Disclaimer:  I am not a licensed mental health professional. If you are in need of a licensed professional help, I recommend BetterHelp. They will match you with a therapist that you can skype, email or talk to on the phone for an affordable monthly price.

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